Are you an attic digger? I am.

I’m constantly on the hunt for ancient artifacts, anthropological curiosities and just plain cool antique and vintage stuff from the past. Whether it be a trunkful of vintage millinery finery, a box of correspondence from a doughboy on R&R from the trenches during WWI, or a beat up old brass bucket from the Hudson Bay Company, I’m there.

I love getting the box at auction that had the contents of the top drawer of the dresser. You’d be amazed at what you can learn about a stranger from the contents of their top drawer.

  • A dance card from their first formal dance, which will have the time and place printed on it somewhere,
  • A key from a very early Ford, probably their first car since that’s the only car key they’re likely to save.
  • A pinback button that says “I like Ike!” which tells you who they voted for in a certain Presidential election.
  • An athletic trophy medal, which will have the school, date, sporting event, and prize engraved on it.
  • A lock of hair with a ribbon tied around it, and tightly curled, usually from their first child’s first haircut.
  • A newspaper clipping about a notable event in that person’s life, usually a charity event or award won or business accolade.

By the time you’re done excavating the contents you’ve made a friend. At least I have. I can often construct a whole life story out of one box, or at least a good bit of one.

There are millions of stories in millions of attics. Join me in finding them!


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